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Goodbye to my Grandma's Kitchen.

I took adorable baby baths in this sink (I unfortunately have the pictures to prove it) and remember sitting on the counter eating rhubarb from the garden dipped in sugar. This was my grandma's kitchen. It was covered in gold floral wallpaper everywhere, yep, even behind the oven. The walls were always adorned with different framed images of butterflies and oil paintings of barn landscapes. I swear, "Better Homes and Gardens" 1974, you missed an opportunity when you didn't come to document this kitchen in all of it's harvest gold appliances, yellow and orange moroccan tile linoleum, and floral wallpapered glory.

When I moved into this house eight years ago, I immediately wanted to redo the kitchen. Ok, I wanted to redo the whole house, but the parrot green shag carpet in the front room was obviously the first priority. The kitchen kept getting put off for obvious reasons such as time, money, motivation.. you know, life stuff.

Eight years later, the stars finally aligned and I had begged the husband enough to finally decide to tackle this project. We demoed, layed the floor, stained the pine boards for the ceiling (yep...), did the electrical and plumbled this whole darn space. Ok, so we needed help with the plumbing, but we gave it a good amount of effort and by "we", I mean Aaron.

It took MONTHS. Our refrigerator was in my living room. We lived off of microwave and actually loved having our parents feel bad for us and deliver food. (sorry, not sorry). Finally it all came together and it's a perfect blend of Classic and Quirk. Flip through to check it out!

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